Cylindrical roller bearings


Capacity of laod of the bearings is calculated in DIN/ISO 281/1 e ISO 76, the size tolerance is of DIN 620. When effectuated at full roller filling the capacity is at maximum. The choice of steels  bound together by cement, hardened, to build the external rings of the bearings, enhables them to work in cases of shock thay could be esposed to.

The seal ZRS (screen and rubber) provides the bearings of a strong barrier against dirt and giver strenght to its internal lubricant. The bearings are relubricable with lithium fat of grade “3″.

Fixe combined bearings

With a better size/performance balance, are the best choice in the general lifting and holding sistems together with the relatively low cost.

Technical details for “C” shape fixe combined sections

Technical details for “I” shape fixe combined sections

Technical details for “C” shape fixe combined bearings

Adjustable combined bearings

They are the alternative evolution of the fixe combined bearings, to use when precision of holding with possibility of latter lateral adjustment is required.

Technical details adjustable combined bearings

Adjustable combined bearings for heavy load

They have been developed together with combined sections with which they share the holding of heavy loads optimizing space. They have the contrast roller adjustable in 8 positions.

Technical Details Adjustable combined “C” shape bearings for heavy load

Radial bearings with pin

They have the same capacity of the combined bearings they are obtained from. To use in the applications not requiring lateral contrast of the loads or in cases in which the edge guide is entrusted to an autonomous system.

Technical details of radial bearings with pin

Bearing plates

Together with combined bearings or to radial bearing pins, allow bolted assembly. This feature is highly appreciated in automation and handling sistems, because it facilitates subsequent maintenance.

Technical details plates for combined bearings