Special steel sections

Calibrated steel “C” section

Series of sections obtained by hot rolled “C” shape sections.
The processing of the back support and the milling of all the interior surfaces make the section very precise.
Combining sections with the corresponding series of bearings you obtain a vertical and orizontal displacement of great precision and capacity.
Max standard length 6.100 mm.

Technical Details calibrated steel “C” sections

Cold rolled sections

Calibrated, for precise rolling.

Light and cheap, suitable for handling light loads.
Easy to work (drilling – tapping – slots) and weldable.
The section is available in bars of lenght 8.000 mm or cut to size.

Technical details cold rolled sections

Steel carriage sections

Steel sections obtained from hot rolled plates, milled on the bolster of the carriages and F.E.M. gear, it is very regular and precise with very slight straighness errors.
Max standard length 6.000 mm.

Technical Details Steel carriage sections