Forme is located in Caorso, near Piacenza and it is easy to reach taking the motorway from any city. It entered steel business in the late 90es with an alternative range of hot-rolled profiles. As soon as the activity started it was greeted with success in the national market, throughout the years Forme has increased it’s range of products and is now appreciated even outside Italy. This is also thanks to the exceptional service it offers (prompt delivery,cut to size, special processing, ecc…). It now exports all over Europe and in other parts of the world.In a consumer’s society in which for years competition has incentivated the decision to produce always more, in always larger enstablishments to reach a vast low cost market often with bad quality products Forme has decided to produce “good quality at a fair price” thinking that grouth is the continuous improvement of products and services. Client’s satisfaction is also our satisfaction together with that of all the people working to make Forme more efficient and competitive.

Structure and organisation

Forme s.r.l. operates in a space divided between a large square and three warehouses. For what regards the “historic” warehouse the company has decided to mantain the structure of the 50es that integrates harmoniously and in an original way with the two new ones. The production department counts two planer milling machines for working the profiles and a new generation planer to optimize the straightness of the profile. Services department is equipped for the cut to size and inclined cut of the profiles. The warehouse and shipping department are organised for the “prompt delivery”. Forme s.r.l is guided by an administrative committee which is totally composed by partners that operate actively in the company. Flexible, Dynamic, eco friendly and multietnic, Forme has succeded in creating a very united work group were human relationship and security play a major role.


When you decide to start an activity one of the first problems that arises is which name to give to it. The issue is quite complex and there are different theories regarding it: it has to surprise, it has to be linked to the property, to the service offered or to the product that is beign sold, ecc.. All this is right, but then why “Forme” (Shapes in English)? The name came out from the idea of “Forma mentis” a latin locution, plural “Formae mentis” it means structure of the mind, way of thinking ecc… So “Formae” . But latin is not in use any more so the trascription is not exact. So this is how “Forme s.r.l.” came out. Thanks to an idea and a mistake.

Company details

Forme s.r.l.

via Stefano Fermi 1/A

29012 CAORSO (PC)

VAT 00903400331

Tax code 00903400331

In the register of companies of Piacenza

Number of inscription to the register of companies 00903400331

Number REA : Pc-113954

Capital € 100.000,00 i.v.