Rolled sections and side productions facilitate manufacturers and designers in the choice of simple and effective solutions.

Applications in different industrial and commercial fields are many.

We offer some examples of application profiles in different areas of  industry and trade.


- Sections for uprights

Waste compacters

- Collection vehicules

Food or generic industry

- Palletizers


- Sweepers

- Ecological islands


- Uprights for tractors

- Tanks for collection

Marble industry

- Frames cutters

- Automatic loading and unloading plates


- Lifting platforms

- Ramps

Handling and lifting

- Application for handling

loads from 500 to 40.000 Kg.

Steel industry

- Automation systems

- Placement plants

- Packing and line cutting

- Strapping

- Cooling lines

and also :

Brick industry

- Molding plants

- Stackers

- Packaging lines

Entertainment industry

- Theatre and Television stages